Personal Passion Project: Entire Unit - Project Based Learning (PBL) Genius Hour

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**Completely UPGRADED FOR 2019 with 20 new pages of templates, tools, content plus new teaching strategies included** . OVER 50 PAGES

In my years of teaching, this fascinating project is consistently ❤️ THE MOST POPULAR AMONG MY STUDENTS.❤️ This dynamic PBL unit needs no prep and will actually make your kids excited about homework!


Why do students, parents, and teachers alike love this project so much? As an 8-12 week undertaking, kids get to explore IN DEPTH something they love, learn through both research and getting their hands dirty, and feel a sense of accomplishment through leading others. While it targets grades 4-9, it is editable and easily adaptable to any age group.


1.) Students select a new task or skill they want to learn about. Some examples of past choices include dressmaking, creating a video game, learning an instrument, cooking a 3-course meal for their family, and building a cubby house.

2.) Students research and complete the task within a specified time frame.

3.) As they progress, they keep an online diary of their learning journey outlining their successes and failures.

4.) When they have sufficiently learned their new skill, students then teach it family member or friend to show them what they have learned. 

5.) At the conclusion of the project, students put together a presentation outlining their learning journey. This includes videos, photos, and feedback from family members and friends. They will also assess each other in accordance with a peer assessment rubric.

While this makes a great introduction to project management, time management, and presentation skills, students will come away from this with much more. This project also teaches grit, builds confidence, and encourages students to learn from and push through failure instead of fearing it. Indeed, success and failure are unimportant with this task. The true value lies in recording and learning from their successes and failures while sharing that knowledge with others. 

Everything you need is included and completely editable. In this download, you will get:

✔ Letters to Parents

✔ Detailed descriptions for teachers, students, and parents

✔ Summary Descriptions

✔ Teaching Resources

✔ Graphic Organizers

✔ and much more

I guarantee this will be one of the most rewarding teaching and learning opportunities for both you and your students and one you can use for years to come. 

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