Narrative & Creative Story Writing Unit ( Self Directed Digital & Print Modules)

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Teaching students to become great narrative authors and creative writers can be a tough task for even the most accomplished teacher... UNTIL NOW because the NARRATIVE & CREATIVE STORY WRITING UNIT offers aCOMPLETE SOLUTION to teaching students how to craft CREATIVE CHARACTERS, SUPERB SETTINGS, PERFECT PLOTS and BEAUTIFUL NARRATIVES.


✅ Teaching different narrative styles and genres

✅ How to plan and structure an engaging plot within a narrative

✅ Understanding conflict, and resolution within narratives

✅ Activities and tips for creating engaging characters

✅ Whole class lessons and activities

✅ Independent quick write and in-depth activities

✅ How to implement perspective and dialogue witihin a narrative

✅ Understanding narratives as visual texts

✅ Creating non-linear narratives as "Choose your own adventure stories."

✅ Tutorials - Including videos

✅ Plenty of connection of contemporary narratives

⭐ And much more NO PREP REQUIRED


Perfect for Google Classroom, Office 365, SeeSaw or other digital platforms. Also includes a Print version of everything.



This HUGE BUNDLE offers a mix of hands-on, printable, and digital media resources. By the time you have finished this pack, your students won’t just be able to READ and COMPREHEND Explanations, but will also be WRITING their own with a high level of STRUCTURE, INSIGHT, AND KNOWLEDGE.

It will keep your kids excited and engaged for weeks as they work through the following areas:


✔ A concise teaching guide that can be taught to a class or self-directed by students.

✔ Understanding the four pillars of all narrative

✔ Structure and Features of great narratives and creative stories.

✔ Writing Activities. (Both independent and group tasks)

✔ Multiple Templates and Graphic Organizers

✔ Video Tutorials a d Visual writing prompts

✔ Narrative Writing Checklists

✔ Narrative Writing Samples for all levels

✔ Assessment Rubrics

✔ Classroom Posters

✔ 80 Page printable narrative writing templates and graphic organizers



The entire collection is provided to you in EDITABLE PowerPoint and as a printable PDF eBook. Each lesson is a complete plan that eliminates your preparation time, but if you need to modify the content to suit a particular class, you can easily do so.

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