Country Research Project | Report Writing Unit | Geography & English Tasks


Your students can complete this excellent PROJECT-BASED LEARNING activity on CULTURES and COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD at home or school, drawing upon a deep pool of RESEARCH and NONFICTION writing skills as they peel back the layers of a COUNTRY of their choice.

This completely EDITABLE country research project unit will walk your student through five engaging activities about a COUNTRY OF THEIR CHOICE to master research and information writing skills alongside highly creative and fun literacy tasks.


Complete Lessons covering.

❤️ RESEARCHING AND ANALYZING a country of your choice.

❤️ How to write an INFORMATION REPORT on your country.

❤️ Create a travel ITINERARY and POSTCARD

❤️ Create a TRAVEL BROCHURE for your country.

❤️ Write a BIOGRAPHY of a famous citizen from your country.

❤️ Make a CULTURAL COMPARISON and ANALYSIS of your country.

❤️ Write a fictional RECOUNT of a trip to your COUNTRY



❤️ Lesson plans,

❤️ Teaching materials

❤️ Visual writing prompts

❤️ Assessment tools

❤️ Graphic Organizers

❤️ Research Tools

❤️ Plus, much more

This unit is perfect for social studies or English language arts classes and is suitable for students in grades 4-8. It includes various activities and tasks designed to help students develop their research and writing skills while learning about different countries and cultures worldwide.

The unit begins with an introduction to research skills, including how to find and evaluate sources, take notes, and organize information. Students then choose a country to research and use various resources to gather information about its geography, history, culture, and more.

Throughout the unit, students are challenged to think critically and creatively, with activities such as writing a travel brochure, creating a PowerPoint presentation, and even designing their own country.

The unit also includes rubrics and checklists to help students stay on track and assess their work.

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Grade Levels:

Grade 1 & 2  /  3rd Grade4th Grade  /  5th Grade  /  6th  Grade / 7th Grade / 8th Grade / 9th Grade10th GradeSenior Highschool / Suitable for Homeschooling / Not Grade Specific

Subject Areas:

Critical & Creative Thinking  /  English (ELA)  /  MathematicsReading  /  STEM & Digital TechnologiesWriting

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Is this Resource Editable?

Yes, elements of this resource are editable, and you can customize it to meet your students’ needs.

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