Digital Citizenship Posters

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This 12 poster series will educate your students how to use technology in a respectful and informed manner and look amazing.

They are built on the ISTE ( student standards which are in place to ensure the following...
- Practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology
- Exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity
- Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning
- Exhibit leadership for digital citizenship

They are an essential resource for a computer lab or any classroom to prompt a discussion around technology, ethics and respect.

They come in three variations and are super high resolution so you can print them out at any size. (Check the preview images)

The text for the 12 posters are.
- All in one - On a single poster
- What makes a good digital citizen?
- When encountering something inappropriate online they discuss it with a teacher or adult
- They understand their digital footprint is a reflection who they are, and others may judge them on it.
- They credit other peoples work and ideas, and respect their ownership.
- They know their actions can greatly impact others.
- They know posting anything online means losing control of it because the internet is a public space.
- They understand passwords protect their online identity. They create strong passwords and don't share them.
- They know people can pretend to be anyone online, and are cautious sharing information with others.
- They treat others with respect in the hope that others will treat them the same way.
-They feel safe and secure online most of the time, but know total security and privacy on the internet is never guaranteed.
- They understand excessive time and interaction with others through technology alone is unhealthy and value time in the real world also.


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Digital Citizenship Posters
Digital Citizenship Posters
Digital Citizenship Posters
Digital Citizenship Posters