Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle

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Have you ever seen kids actually ✋BEG✋ for more writing? It’s really possible, and you can make it happen with this bundle, the best NO-PREP emoji writing tool you can get online!


This bundle contains our Emoji Writing Pack and Emoji Writing Generator.

The Writing Pack will quickly become one of your easiest quick writing drill tools. With 150 fully prepared writing prompts and over 600 emoji, all you have to do is print, cut, and hand out. Your students will have a blast coming up with creative ways to integrate the emoji into the fundamental story elements of character, setting, and plot. 

With over 200 real Emoji, the Writing Generator provides more detailed activities and works with students of all ages and abilities – as long as they’ve used phones or Facebook, they’ll know what to do. As a set of narrative planning tools, you can use this pack for a range of writing activities, from sharp warm-up writing practice to immersive narratives covering multiple class sessions. Many teachers have run this on their classroom’s interactive whiteboards or edited the handouts to create a multitude of open-ended literacy tasks. We designed this to offer you nearly unlimited flexibility: your students will be able to create over two million emoji combinations for a virtually limitless source of writing inspiration.

We’ve broken the emoji into the following sets for quick access:

☹ Emotions and Feelings
⛰ Animals and Nature
⛹ People
⛴ Activities and Events
⛲ People and Places
⛸ Objects and Items

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Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle
Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle
Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle
Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle
Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle
Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle
Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle
Emoji Story Writing Prompts Bundle