Synonym Posters - WOW Words - Vocabulary Boosters

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Expand and enhance the⭐ VOCABULARY ⭐of your students with this SET OF 16 beautifully HAND PAINTED WATERCOLOR SYNONYM POSTERS for your classroom.

These WOW WORDS will ensure that words like "good" and "hot" are commonly substituted with engaging language such as "SPLENDID" and "SIZZLING"

They can be used as posters or classroom reference tools as they can be scaled to print at any size in HIGH RESOLUTION.

Words Included

❤️ Big
❤️ Small
❤️ Happy
❤️ Sad
❤️ Said
❤️ Good
❤️ Moved
❤️ Got
❤️ Hot 
❤️ Cold
❤️ Kind
❤️ Fast
❤️ Bad 
❤️ Slow
❤️ Scared

The artwork by "Artbrush by Erin" is exclusive to Innovative Teaching Ideas. Be sure to check out more of her great work.

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Synonym Posters - Wow Words Vocabulary Boosters Teaching Resource
Synonym Posters - Wow Words Vocabulary Boosters Teaching Resource
Synonym Posters - Wow Words Vocabulary Boosters Teaching Resource