Teaching Metric Measurement Complete Unit

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If your elementary students have grasped inches, feet, and miles, then surely they can figure out the measurement system that actually makes sense. As a no prep set, it makes sense for you, too!


The metric system needs to be second nature to every high school student who hopes to do well in science, and it is becoming ever more critical as a variety of American professions adopt it. This 39-page bundle of activities and lesson content will make this topic interesting and relevant while building math skills related to measurement, mass, and ratios. You’ll get a free, high-resolution poster along with this download that will help students remember the key concepts they pick up, as well as answer keys and teaching suggestions.

If you’d like to save yourself two to three periods of preparation while effectively teaching an important concept, this lesson is for you. If you’d like to add more to it, we have also included an extension project for hands-on measurements that will extend the lesson by an additional day.

What you get
- A complete overview and introduction to the metric measurement system including mass, measurement, and money.
- Interactive activities to undertake with your class using an interactive whiteboard or television.
- Open-ended metric tasks around
- Historical facts and information regarding the creation and background of the metric system
- Whole group metric measurement activities 

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Teaching Metric Measurement Complete Unit
Teaching Metric Measurement Complete Unit
Teaching Metric Measurement Complete Unit
Teaching Metric Measurement Complete Unit