Titanic Digital Notebook: A Complete Interactive Unit of Independent Tasks (PBL)

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You have found ⛴THE TITANIC⛴ resource you have been searching for!! 106 years in the making...

If you have a one to one or BYOD program this independent unit on Titanic is unlike any other. Offering deep, personalized learning experiences incorporating proven learning technologies and quality teaching and learning. A meaningful use of technology within the classroom.

Whether you use Google Classroom, Drive, Office or even an iPad you are good to go. No Prep required and it is all Completely Editable.

This 40 slide digital interactive notebook is a unit of work on the world's most famous ship. The people, events, ingenuity, and oversights which captured the worlds' imagination and then changed history forever.

It will engage your students through a huge collection of Editable Digital Graphic and Text Organizers, multimedia, resources and interactive tasks all themed around Titanic.

Perfect as an English, literacy or history project.

Activities Include
✔ Digital Text Response Tasks
✔ Digital Titanic Timelines 
✔ Digital Fact Vs. Opinion
✔ Digital Newspaper text / graphic organizers and templates
✔ Interactive Titanic video response task
✔ Create your own Titanic Google Map task
✔ Podcast audio response tasks
✔ A variety of interactive Titanic Writing planners and templates
✔ Digital Titanic Biography Response Tasks
✔ Digital Data representation and graphing based upon Titanic
✔ A range of open-ended Titanic assessment tasks
✔ Digital Self assessment tools


This is a deep unit of work guaranteed to both inform and showcase your students understanding of one of the greatest achievements and disasters. 

This is the type of resource which validates and proves the worth of all that technology in your classrooms.

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