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Engage and inspire your students with our Free Writing Calendar filled with thought-provoking prompts for all text types. Perfect for grades 3-8, this year-long resource is designed to enhance independent learning and improve writing skills every day of the school year.

Looking for a comprehensive writing resource that covers a wide range of text types? Look no further! Our Free Writing Calendar is a versatile resource that can be used in grades 3-8 to encourage daily writing practice and foster creative expression. This calendar is not your typical worksheet or weekly planner; it is a year-long activity matrix that provides prompts for various text types, including narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and informative writing.

Teachers can implement this resource in a variety of ways to suit their classroom needs. Whether used as a warm-up activity, a center rotation, or as part of a writing workshop, this calendar is designed to be student-led, fostering independent learning and critical thinking. Each day, students will encounter a new prompt that challenges them to think critically, explore their creativity, and improve their writing skills across different genres.


  • Engages and inspires students to write daily
  • Covers a wide range of text types and genres
  • Promotes independent learning and critical thinking
  • Improves writing skills throughout the school year
  • Can be easily integrated into any classroom setting

Instructions/Tips for Implementation:

This Free Writing Calendar can be implemented in various ways to meet the needs of your students. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Display the calendar in your classroom and have students refer to it each day for their writing task.
  2. Print out copies of the calendar for each student and incorporate it into their writing journals or folders.
  3. Use the prompts as a starting point for writing lessons or workshops, encouraging students to develop their own ideas based on the given topic.
  4. Set aside a specific time each day for students to work on their writing prompt, either individually or in small groups.


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